The three of us share the opportunity of teaching "Children's Church" for our younger children along with the direction of Celebration's Youth and Teen Coordinator, Kathy. Kathy also teaches the Bible class for the Teen Ministry.

We really enjoy using the guidance of the "Teacher's Book" provided by Youth Educational Adventures, which accompanies the children's individual lesson books. A children's Bible Study Series put out by Christian Educational Ministries which is part of the Born to Win ministry.

The teacher's book is an excellent reference and help in planning class activities. We mainly read through the children's book and discuss the lesson with the kids.

The kids love to learn, sing and dance to new songs. They often begin coloring pages which they can finish up during Church services. There is always a variety of projects and activities. Regardless, the children always seem to have a good time learning the stories and lessons in God's word and how they apply in their lives, as well!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at Youth Ministries.

In Christ's service,
Janice, Aletea and Diane

Children Meet @ 12:00pm
Every 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sabbath

Bible Stories